Auctions Expertise

Leading Edge is expert at auctioning a wide variety of assets, including:

• Commercial / Industrial Real Estate
• Residential Real Estate
• Estates
• Industrial Machinery
• Commercial Equipment
• Heavy Equipment
• Vehicles
• Construction Materials
• Warehouse Equipment
• Technology Assets
• Furniture & Furnishings
• Collectibles
• Restaurant & Food
Service Equipment
• Wholesale Inventories
• Retail Fixtures

Auctions Types

Online/Internet Auctions

Today, Leading Edge is one of a handful of liquidators who has combined the benefits of traditional liquidation techniques with the power of the internet to create a liquidation model which is fast, affordable, flexible, efficient and astoundingly effective. Leading Edge Auction is one of the top internet auction sites in terms of traffic, registered bidders, e-newsletter subscriptions, hits, visitors, sales per year and items sold.

Unlike eBay or Cragslist, which sell a single item to a single buyer, Leading Edge Auction is an event based liquidation site. Each event has a location, scheduled preview, closing and removal. Each event sells many assets to many buyers. As Leading Edge continues to innovate and refine our marketing, merchandising and sales techniques, we open new markets and opportunities for our selling and buying clients

Two types of non-internet auctions:

Live Auctions and Sealed Bid Auctions.

Live auctions are most commonly associated with auctions. An auctioneer calls for bids in a public forum until the highest bidder prevails. Live auctions also sometimes include a live online auction that is conducted simultaneously with the live auction. Typically the online bidder listens to a live online broadcast of the auction, and bids by clicking his mouse. An auction employee monitors a computer and advises the auctioneer each time an online bid is received.

Live auctions typically are used in the following situations:

-The owner wants to sell the property on predetermined terms, usually on an as-is basis with no contingencies.

-There are many potential buyers and the competitive bidding process most likely will yield a fair-market price or even a premium in the case of a highly desirable property.

-The property does not require lengthy evaluation to determine its value. On the other hand, sealed-bid auctions are preferable for situations that combine the following characteristics:

-One bidder is superior to all others.

-A great disparity exists between the highest bidder’s offer and second-highest bidder’s offer.

-Deal flexibility adds value to the transaction.

-Alternative bids are desirable.

-Price is not the sole consideration for accepting a bid (such as a case where the second-highest bidder has more desirable credit than the highest bidder).

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